My name is Juan Luis Rojano, and I am a wedding photographer. I studied audiovisuals and for some years I worked in information agencies covering different types of events. I started in the world of wedding photography with a video production company, with which I learned to get around in the medium and have a more cinematographic vision of my work. I love fashion and portrait photography, and I apply this to the weddings that I make, in which I always try to add a plus of naturalness and avoid posing.
I am passionate about the countryside and the mountains. When I was a child, I spent long periods of time camping and fishing with my father and brother, with whom I learned to value the importance of nature and to respect it. Currently, I am developing my work as a wedding photographer in Menorca. For me: one of the most beautiful islands in the world. I do many activities such as paddle surfing, diving and underwater photography.
I love to travel and see new places, cooking is my passion, there is always music playing in my house and watching series before bed is a "classic" of my routines.
The king of my house is called Miko, a half-Persian cat and cinnamon-coloured angel.
"Now that you know a little more about me I'd love to know a little more about you."

wedding photography menorca
I'm from the sea and mountains.

"We were very lucky to have Juanlu at our wedding.
He conquered us by the style and quality of his work, but seeing the final result only reaffirmed his professionalism.
He is a person with a very close treatment, very humble, which makes you feel very comfortable at all times providing all kinds of facilities. In addition, one of the things we value most about him is that he captured every detail in a very discreet way, thus transmitting the reality of each moment.
In spite of the distance he made an effort to get to know us to bring out the best in each one of us. He is a great professional and an even better person".

Eva Fraga & Victor

"My number one choice of photographer in Spain was Juanlu Rojano, we were very lucky to have him at our wedding. We had it clear from the beginning, and I am super happy. The photos are spectacular, we had them very quickly and apart from that he is a lovely boy, close and a good person".

Alexandra Pereira & Ghassan

"We loved working with Juanlu. Right from the beginning Juanlu listened clearly to our aesthetic & needs for the wedding day. He was super positive, took all our creative requests on board and delivered beautiful photographs. Juanlu brought great energy to the wedding day, he worked really well with our videographer & managed to capture every moment of the day beautifully. He was discrete & captured all the group shots fast. His photographs are contemporary, candid & elegant. We could not recommend him highly enough".

Paula & Philip

"Juanlu's quality and his photos are magic.
But it was his closeness, from the first moment we started talking to him, that made us have no doubt that he was the one who had to accompany us in the best day of our lives.
The best possible choice. He knew how to capture perfectly all the essence of the wedding, the best moments, the spontaneity. Juanlu managed to get rid of all the insecurities and nerves in front of his camera, which turned into comfort and fun. In the same way, he went from being our wedding photographer to becoming our friend".

Julia & Daniel

"For us it was one of the best experiences of our wedding. It made us feel very good in every moment, feeling that we knew each other all our lives and in that way taking very natural, spontaneous photos that is just what we were looking for and without exaggerating they were magazine cover photos (in fact Pronovias published the photos on their website) all this caused that not only we wanted to do the pre-wedding and wedding, but we liked the result so much that we did not hesitate to do the post-wedding as well. The report was a success and after 4 years, we still see and makes us relive every moment and get excited ".

Nuria & Alvaro