My Philosophy

As a wedding photographer I try my best to tell your story faithfully. I try to do it in a narrative and documentary way, looking at every detail and respecting what happens without intervening in the wedding, so that the only thing you will have to do is enjoy your big day. Capturing all those emotions that occur at the wedding is another of my challenges. It is a day of a thousand kisses, a thousand hugs, a thousand emotions on the surface and a day where you see and enjoy with the people who are most important to you.

The power to freeze emotions

I consider that photography is not based on shooting, period, I live a great part of the wedding above the viewfinder observing the things that are happening and I have as a pattern to capture the best moments. There are many and different types of emotions and more when you celebrate such a special day, having the power to freeze them makes the memory of your wedding unique and unforgettable. I never work in any other way than a natural and spontaneous wedding photograph.



Their paths crossed almost five years ago in Barcelona, at a dinner for mutual friends, when a real crush occurred between Alexandra Pereira and Ghassan Fallaha, who have become husband and wife. They said "I do" in an elegant civil ceremony in which everything went smoothly, just as they had planned. They took this important step surrounded by their family, friends and colleagues. I was proud to have photographed this beautiful wedding in the Mentidero de la Villa, Madrid.

I had the privilege of having one of my photos on the cover of "Hola" magazine as well as being published in Telva, Lecturas, Elle and Vanity fair.


My name is Juanlu Rojano and I am a wedding photographer in Menorca. I began in this world of weddings working for a video production company, with which I learned to get around in the medium and have a more cinematic vision. I like rustic weddings, romantic weddings and boho-chic weddings, but what I like most is seeing a couple enjoying their big day as if it were their last.

"I work as a wedding photographer in Spain and Italy, don't be afraid to ask if I could accompany you to your wedding, of course I'll say yes"